Pachira_aquaticaDaily watering is a thing of the past

  • Planter’s sub-irrigation system ensures optimal water supply
  • Go up to 12 weeks between watering
  • The water level indicator takes the guesswork out of watering
  • Never again worry about over-watering

Plants can be switched with ease

  • Easy cultivation or over-wintering
  • Easily removable liners
  • Some liners are interchangeable between different models

Why plants grow better in LECHUZA:

  • The plant supplies itself with the optimum amount of water from the planter’s water reservoir

Mobile even when plantedWhite Sockel Dipladenia

  • Coasters come in varying sizes and make moving planters easy!
  • High-quality plastic design makes planters lighter in weight

Indoor & Outdoor

  • Overflow feature prevents outdoor water logging
  • When using the planters outdoors, removing the drain plug allows excess water to drain without depleting the reservoir’s necessary water supply
  • Outdoor planters are weather resistant (UV safe, frost proof, and shatterproof)

Planters for every style

  • An assortment of planters featuring hi-gloss (PREMIUM), matte (Color) or wicker-like (Cottage) finishes
  • All Lechuza planters are produced in Germany.
  • Geobra has more than 50 years of experience in plastic fabrication
  • 100 percent recyclable